Mik Artistik, Paper Bag Artist

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Over the last 30 years, Leeds based artist Mik Artitik has walked the city and “bagged” over 20,000 portraits just on brown paper bags and using only a Biro. Drawing only in black biro, Mik captures the wonder, concentration, wistfulness and expectation of each sitter

Mik randomly knocked on my door and asked if he could do my portrait. “Only if I can do yours” I replied.

These are the results. Both portraits but totally different. Mik’s media is timeless and low tech whilst mine must conform to Moore’s Law and is all Binary and Algorithms. Mik just needs a wad of brown paper bags whilst I need Terabytes.


Until the 15th June 2014, at The Barbers Shop in London, it will be the first time any of his extraordinary body of work, this exceptionally creative endeavour, has been seen by the public in a single place. The exhibition will be entitled, Mik Artistik – Bags of Life.

The exhibition will be on at Offsite Gallery @ Vicks the Barbers, 185 Grays Inn Rd, London W1X 8UE

Time has passed but Mik has promised to drop in and visit me again soon, watch this space !





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