The Shard, Europe’s Tallest Building

Standing a whopping 1,016ft (310m) high.The 87 storey Shard of Glass dominates the City of London skyline. Its Europe’s tallest building.

It was designed by international architect Renzo Piano who made his initial sketch on the back of a restaurant menu over lunch with London based entrepreneur Irvine Sellar.

Planning delays caused by shananigans with deputy prime minister John Prescot prevented construction until 2007, just prior to the financial crisis, which put its future in jeopardy until a consortium of Qatari investors provided the necessary capital to proceed and The Shard was finally completed in 2012.

The Shard’s observation deck can be accessed by super high speed lift for £25 an hour.The design incorporates three two-storey duplexes and seven single storey apartments on floors 53 to 65. The the price of the best duplex, 735 feet up in the air is £50 million. There are three really cool restaurants at the top with amazing views over London and a super luxury hotel.

I hired a special tilt & shift lens for this project. Its a completely manual lens so you have to put the camera on a tripod, level it all up then remember to carefully set the focus and f stop. So you have to be sure its going to be a good picture before committing yourself to the pain of setting up. That’s good discipline !





This is the final beautifully produced printed piece by Fogg Associates it was, as always, a pleasure working in London with James and Chris on this project.