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All My Sons by Arthur Miller

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I was introduced to the paintings of Jack Vetrianno as part of the inspiration for this project. I have come to love this artists work.

Jack has a unique style of painting. He claims many of his works have been inspired by ”25 years of sexual misbehaviour”. Some of his images are highly erotic and super sexy.


But he is also perhaps better known for his dance and beach pictures which capture an amazing quality of warm dramatic light together with a strong sense of  the weather, often stormy but sometimes baking hot.


In September, “All My Sons” will be performed at The Royal Exchange Theatre . I was asked to collaborate in producing an image for the poster. Michael Buffong, the director, wanted to capture some of the essence and feel of “Billy Boys”, (above rh) in the image.

The play is set in the Midwestern USA in the 1940′s, Michael wanted to capture a similar sense of wide open space and sweltering midday heat. Part of the inspiration for the design layout was the traditional Wild West movie poster.

The two lead actors are Don Warrington MBE (Rising Damp & Death in Paradise) & Dona Croll (Doctors). It was important to emphasise their involvement so a big part of the image were portraits of the two actors in character. I placed them closely, one behind the other in the final image. The lighting and treatment enhanced the feeling of hot midday sun.

In the play Don and Dona’s characters are a couple with a lot of tension between them. There had been some fatalities with faulty aircraft parts supplied to the US Air Force. I wanted to convey this tension with the way I posed them and with their expressions.

The background image is inspired directly by the “Billy Boys” painting. I wanted a similar feel, colouration and sense of wide open space and the heat but also incorporated some hints of the story with the suggestion of an airfield with fighter planes.

Dave Sedgwick created the type design for the poster. Dave really effectively used the stencil lettering used on 1940′s military aircraft as his inspiration for the choice of typeface.

Much appreciated for their creative input and direction are Maxine Laing and Claire Will of the Royal Exchange marketing team.