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Print and Digital Harmony

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Multiple digital channels have proliferated. Previous to the Revolution, the only media available to advertisers were print on paper and TV.

Photographers knew that they produced still images that were intended for print. 300 dpi ! was the mantra.

Well it’s not 1996 anymore and there’s a new mantra, 72 dpi ! Many images we produce may never appear in print, but on a screen, digital panel or a device.

Although just like in music, its not the media that matters but what it delivers, physical packaging can make the delivery a more special experience that digital channels can’t match.

So photographers have to adapt to survive but our new tools have enabled us to do it and we find that the skills we developed in lighting, composition and attention to detail can translate well to the moving images we find we can capture.

But print is very much alive too. Digital media can’t replace the smell, feel, tactile quality and just the simple ability to be casually picked up and quickly flicked through. Print is special.

So we need to understand how to deliver both still and motion imagery but in a way that doesn’t attempt the enormous task of competing with a confident and already well established and highly experienced moving image industry.

I was recently involved with a project by Fogg Associates to brand a new company who were to manufacture nicotine products. This is going to be a huge industry as new regulations are introduced for the substances that go into vapour cigarettes and the company have made a huge investment in a new plant in Liverpool.

It was to be a mixture of a website containing digital motion imagery and a very high quality printed and bound book.


I  provided a set of still images that told the story of what the company does and its processes. Jack Fairhurst of Fogg Associates did a beautiful job of designing the book and Team Impression printed it, they used GF Smith 270gsm Colour Plan Imperial Blue with a Gravure Emboss to 1 side on the front, and standard silk paper for the inner. There’s a blocked shimmer foil logo on the front that has been embossed too. It’s oversized A4 landscape format and perfect bound. It feels and smells wonderfully analogue !

Nerudia2At the same time I shot a series of HD motion sequences that run behind the parallax scrolling elements on the website.


I’m really proud of the result and really excited to see how the unique qualities of both new and traditional media can be successfully combined into one project. Thank you to Chris Fogg for his inspired art direction and having the insight to commission me in the first place, James Brooke and thanks also to Brian Barnes for his valuable input, technical advice and assistance.