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boatmen1There’s been a model boating lake at New Brighton since 1932. I remember sailing “Yacht Endeavour” there as a child. No radio control only wind power so enthusiasm quickly wained.

Many years on I meet Alan Dean. Retired from the merchant Navy, Alan is a model boat enthusiast and builds his own. Alan has all his boats with him in his Citroen estate but sadly there was no lake. The council took it away with a promise to build a new one.

oakes_jonathan_8There’s nowhere to sail but Alan still brings his boats down to New Brighton Promenade to show them off.

Some time later I hear the council got money from the EU. They built a new lake and the Mayor will open it. Alan invites me along and promises to introduce me to ” a character or two”

New_Brighton_John_FinalHere is David John Talbot, John builds his own boats too. John hands me his card and it reveals he’s a retired photographer. Nikon man like myself.

_D3R7986-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditReady to Launch. #Captain of The Ship, #Blazer and Slacks, Dreaming of Rum,  Sea Shanties and Far Flung Shores.

The New Brighton Model Boat Club members meets regularly on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at the pool from March till October. If your interested just pop along to the pool on the days mentioned above and you will receive a cordial and enthusiastic welcome.